Conquering Everest: The Lives Of Edmund Hillary And Tenzing Norgay: A Graphic Novel (Campfire Graphic Novels) by Lewis Helfand is a graphic novel about the climb to the top of the world by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. The book has been illustrated by Amit Tayal.

In this book, the author allows the characters, Norgay and Hillary to narrate the sequence of events by themselves. The biography of the two mountain climbers has been told in the form of a dialogue between the two men. For the first half of the book, the two men tell each other about their lives and the circumstances which have led them to where they are. This exchange of life histories takes place up until before they reach the Everest base camp in 1953. Tenzing tells his story of being a member of a poor Tibetan immigrant family in Nepal and his childhood dream of travelling the world. Edmund Hillary, a beekeeper in New Zealand, had similar dreams of a life of adventure. Both men meet on this historic adventure to scale to world’s highest peak, which stretches beyond the clouds in the sky.

The task is difficult and many have died trying to accomplish it. Despite the dangers, the two men are determined and so, even as they run low on oxygen and face the wrath of the weather, they manage to accomplish their dreams. With no other support but that of the other man, the two climbers achieve a historic feat which has never been performed before. The book describes the entire journey in the voice of the two characters. Differently coloured dialogue boxes serve to relate the story for the first half of the book and, in the second, the narrator takes over. The narrator describes the hardships and dangers involved in climbing Mt. Everest and all the minute details that the reader needs in order to understand the journey to the top of the world.

Conquering Everest: The Lives Of Edmund Hillary And Tenzing Norgay

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    Lewis Helfand was born in 1978 and is from Philadelphia. Eager to pursue his dream to work with comic books, Lewis decided to make his own and published his own work, Wasted Minute. The story is about a world where there is no crime, where the superheroes are made to work normal jobs. The first issue of the comic was very well received and so he decided to come out with more. Over the next few year, four more issues were published. Apart from writing comic books, Lewis Helfand also works as a freelance writer and reporter.